Replace your lenses ♻️

Unlike many opticians, we will happily replace the lenses into your existing spectacle frames. Come and see us at 10 Tithebarn Street for a no obligation quote and see how much you could save!

  • Single Vision Lenses

    Enjoy perfect vision when carrying out near viewing tasks or when looking into the distance.

    • We offer FREE standard single vision lenses with every frame purchased.
    • Replace the lenses in your existing frame from only £35.00 including a complimentary frame MOT.
  • Varifocal Lenses

    Varifocals/Progressives are optical superstars: they offer near vision, distance vision and clear vision in the intermediate zone in just a single lens – and all without any perceptible transition.

    • Replace the varifocal lenses in your exisiting frames with our wide view, digital lenses from as little as £100.00!
    • Specific lens type? We can supply; Zeiss, Essilor, Shamir, Seiko, HOYA and much more! Saving you over 30% off!
  • Sunglasses/Photochromatic

    Scratched your favourite sunglass lenses? Or do you have a pair you would love to utilise with prescription lenses?

    • Add a tint to your lenses from only £20.00
    • Transitions/Photochromatic from only £70.00
  • Thinner/Lighter

    Thinner, lighter high-index lenses are especially recommended if you have a strong eyeglass prescription.

    • We can thin down your lenses from only £40.00 (Saving over £100-200 off the high street optician)
    • We also offer ZEISS Clearview Lenses that are flatter, thinner, and more attractive-looking than conventional lenses. Upgrade to ZEISS from £50.00
  • Bifocals/Occupationals

    We are able to provide any lens type required. Bifocals/Occupational lenses are also available upon request.

    • Bifocal lenses start from £40.00
    • Occupational lenses start from £100.00
  • Specialist Lenses

    We are qualified Dispensing Opticians and Lab Technicians therefore are trained in dealing with complex prescriptions.

Find the perfect lens for you

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